Sunday, June 26, 2005

They even make peace signs!

There are the three I first ran into last night. The one not smiling is actually the mostly smiley of the bunch.

The second image here is because I think the other one with me and the bunch came out too well. This is attempt at yin yang to return the world to equalibrium.


javajake said...

they look like they want you. There givin you the green light man!! lol

javajake said...

I realized that I sais "there" instead of "they are"

Matthew K Warner said...

Don't worry, I have learned to translate bad English very very well :).

They are sweet girls, so much energy though. I feel like they are often just orbiting around me while I try and keep track.

Jake said...

Yo Warner, nice work in Asia. But what's your damn e-mail address these days? I was going to write you but don't know how....

you pal,

oh yeah, those chicks deffinately want you.

Matthew K Warner said...

Too many Jakes! My email is mw at

Those chicks have excellent taste.

I got a new apartment, all students. Lots of cute girls there, actually my age. In Chingresh: "I think maybe this is good?"