Saturday, June 25, 2005

Thousands of bugs

A thousand bugs screaming as best as they can. Flies, insects, butterflies, each making nearly inaudible sounds making an orchestra of noise. Together, they produce a consistent, pitch, with wavering highs and lows. One section will disappear to be replaced by another. They seem to move in waves across the park. Each screaming their own scream, but together, harmonizing their own way.
Tainan park is a jungle compared to the city. Although no central park, it is large, and more to the point, extremely vibrant. This whole city is life sitting next to death. Directly next to the tire store will be temple, on the other side, a cell phone dealership. This park has two highways, the train station, and the vibrant commercial headquarters that composes Tainan all around it. The dragonflies, wasps, and flies don't notice, opr at least they don't care.
There are temples and shrines, statues, but this is a monument to life itself. A vibrant green spot in the middle of a brown and grey city. The primary colors of cities signs are hidden by the infinite gradations of green and brown in the bushs and palm trees. The black streets are replaced by white sidewalks in between light grey statues.
I have been here only two days, but this is an oasis. Not because it is some sort of climatic relief, I do not tire so easily. But I know I will. I love cities more than the next guy, but it is good to know that are large swatches of vegetation for escape.
It looks like it won't rain today, that is good for walking around, but bad for the heat. I am sweating just sitting, and cliched analogies to a sauna are all I can come up with. Perhaps I can come up with better, but dripping hot sweat for no apparent reason seems to saunalike to think outside the box.
I finally bought a basic book on Mandarin, by basic I am very serious. That said, it says how to directly ask for a SIM card, I will have mastered that sentence in no time. I bought it exclusively because it has the phrase, "You're just using me for sex" (née jir...), I figure any book that has that, has got to have anything I would want to use. Plus, if I can figure out how to switch the subject and the direct object, I will have two sentences that can be used for virtually any social circumstance.
My poor computer is going to look terrible by the time I get back. It is still relatively pristine white, not quiet the paths in this park, but way better than any white in the city. However, as I sweat, very literally, over the keyboard, I know that its color will simply not last. However, it does make me feel like a modern day writer. I may scrawl out little notes on my notebook, armed with an amazing pen or my lucky pencil, but my computer is my real weapon. Hemingway had his Coronas, if I can figure out if I have something to say, I will have my iBooks.
But I will save that kind of arrogance for a while. I am waiting for my LSAT score, which I should receive in the next forty-eight hours. Iit feels like I am waiting a big spring to put into my elaborate ejection seat. Can't string a sentence worth reading together? Then launch myself into a career that avoids the use of adverbs. Essentially, I am waiting to find out how big of a coil I can get. I get the wrong score, and I better figure this out or learn to love teaching.
The latter will be easy, the former will be really, really hard.

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