Sunday, July 17, 2005

How I roll

This is how I roll next week. I just bought it. Custom built in January, all new but with a 5 year old 150 CC engine. It looks brand new, half modern, half old school. Half off-road, half street. I am so excited I don't know what to do. It is the perfect bike for me. It looks even better in person.


javajake said...

Sick!!! if you could see me right now, it would be me showing you my jealsous face. See. Told ya. So has your mom freaked out yet? I'm workin on getting a bike but it won't be nearly as sick as that. Lol, dang. Have fun on that thing.

Matthew K Warner said...

You would die on a bike, you lack my fine coordination.

Jake, there are two people in life, people who fall off bikes, and people who don't ride bikes.

My mom has not really realized what a scooter is until she reads this. She should not worry, I will drive very fast to get off the roads quicker.

Getting hit by a typhoon tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Is that motor oil I see leaking from the back? Or brake fluid? No matter.

Jared Seehafer said...

Good to see that Blue Stasis now actually has a blue background

Matthew K Warner said...

Oh let it be brake fluid, if it was oil leaking, I might be in a serious accident!

Yeah, I thought blue made more sense for some time, but it does not look as good. I wanted to make my own, but I have not had the inspiration. Eventually I just gave up.