Saturday, July 02, 2005

JS Class II

These are more photos of my sub class.

Jenny, Julia, and Amy - I like this because it is an especially charming photo of Julia. Plus it has Jiggly Puff, the stuff Pokémon that Jenny, and the rest of the girls, obsessed over. Jenny often brought in stuffed animals. She always shared, so I never had a a problem. Though, to be fair, she probably could have brought in a severed head and I would have said "okkaayyyy, but just this once."

Amy and Jenny - Just a cute photo

Sam and Ronaldo - Ronaldo was my only boy that was always sweet. One day he was a pain, but that was because he was being influence by the other boys even more than usual.

Ivy - A good photo of Ivy hiding behind me. Ivy was one of the two popular girls. They had this way of swinging the tides of popularity at their will (making either Amy or Joanne "one of them"). They had a pretty impressive power play over the class in an odd way.

Ivy and Vivian - Vivian was the other half of the team. Mind you the photo is horrible, as Vivian is very cute (and I already showed you that Ivy is cute), but you can't really tell. When they liked Joanne, Joanne was popular, when they liked Amy, Amy was popular. They never seemed to like both, maybe that is a part of how it works.

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