Saturday, July 02, 2005

My JS class set I

This is my Jump Start class that I subbed for a week.

It was my first time teaching, and I had much less involvement from the Chinese teacher (who was SO helpful when she was there, but she has far too many demands on her).

In the end, I had to figure out how to do it very very fast. Here are the first set of photos of the kids, in order:

Jenny - A true angel. She made class worth it everyday. The best part is that you had to earn her love. But she has the most adorable voice, and she just plain means well. She had me nearly in tears twice in the week. Once when I had a terrible two periods, and for reading time, she comes up to me and says "Teacher Matthewwwww, can I read to youuuu..." "Yes, yes you can..."

The other time was when she wanted to draw something, which is normally the start of a dreadfully long process. Instead she took my first suggestion, Fruit. And we combined our heads to draw a bunch of fruit.

Frances - Very quiet. She was very sweet and always listened. I think she has a crush on the world and is too shy to talk to it.

Amy - Half Japanese, she was a sweet heart. Lots of hugs from her, and never any real trouble. Her popularity swung with the tides of the popular girls.

Sam and Andy - Sam was my crier. And was my hitter. Andy has some real problems. I thought that they were a lack of understanding, however, I really think he is messed. Sometimes I would tell him to, for example, not talk to Johnathan. I would then keep standing right there, right next to him. He would even have to look around my legs, but in a second and a half, he would start a new conversation. I would say it again, he would do it again. I would move him to somewhere else, he would cause new problems. Some days he was fine, and if you kept a hand on him, and he was reading alone or something, he was fine (I literally mean a hand on his shoulder). These two were ultimately the source of my lost voice (that and the flu).

Julia - She spent lots of time in the US (Iowa!) so her English is pretty excellent. She is very bright, but not self motivated. She needs checks, or xes, or something. If she knows that some thing is on the line, she will do anything for you.

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