Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Quick blog post

This is much more blog than it is pretentious in comparison to most of my posts. However I have been "tagged" and I should do something about it.

Also, right now, I am debating buying a new digital camera. It is $750 and should be about $1,000, so it is a great deal. I really want a new digital camera, but I also need money to be getting ready for law school. I will take votes in the comments section, furthermore, the lack of comments has gotten out of hand (with the lovely exception of Melina). If you don't like a lack of posting, put it in there, peer pressure will get me moving and its good to feel read.

This is so blog, but I "got tagged by faraxk aka Miranda"

List ten things in a day that give you a moment of joy...then tag six of your friends (you don't have to do the last part, I will tag various people, but I don't want to be apart of a second generation of involuntary tags):

1 Talking to my mom and dad, both on the phone and in email. In the case of my dad, reading about him in news articles is also a joy of increasing frequency.

2 Talking to my friends, in Chingrish, in Spanglish, and in old fashioned English. Especially online (I like the written language more I guess)

3 Playing basketball.

4 A great date with a charming person.

5 Dancing.

6 Writing and photography (I group them together because I view them in a very similar fashion).

7 Saying something with even the slightest tinge of fluency in Chinese.

8 Helping students successfully produce something in class.

9 Reading blogs and books. One gives me a feeling of connectedness with those I know, one gives me a feeling of connectedness with those I want to know.

10 Thinking about what I am actually doing.

Tagging (again, you do not have to tag others unless you want to):
Old Math (Yeah, you heard me dad, you get a blog, you have blog responsibilities for a lil friendly spam)
jsn 3G (Jared)
javajake (Jake duh)
phototesting (Clark, even if I am the only one who is reading your blog now :))
probando, probando (Melina, this should be real easy for you with the casarandose going on).
jada_gaia (yeah J., lets see if you check this site)

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