Sunday, August 28, 2005

Quick notes

Writing on a computer makes failure a bit more palatable. If my half written personal statements and blog entries were physically piled up, there would a good excuse for a bon fire, or perhaps, arson. I am moody and insecure lately. I am continually questioning everything I do.
I don’t think I am homesick, though that is involved. I lasted longer in Guadalajara, a lot longer. I think the issue is that there is so much silly drama here that it drives me crazy. There is so many things that hang me up for no reason, and then I get hung up on being hung up.
I am declaring war on my piles, and showing you what I am working on. To my audience, the lack of comments suck, I will step up my game if you step up yours. If you want posts, post that you want posts. This is a blog and not a book for a many reasons; we might as well use a blog’s capability for interaction. As a gesture of good faith, I put an attempt at fiction up.
Also, sorry for the non-sequitor, go out and hear Kanye West’s new album. It is not as good as they are saying, it is better. Its rare five stars from Rolling Stone are entirely justified. Just listen to it, this includes Mom and Dad – Miranda and Nick. Everyone that might read this blog. It is music, amazing music. It plays like a greatest hit collection from an excellent artist after a long running career, every song is just that good. If you are reluctant, just IM me. But you have to hear it. It is going to be mandatory listening some day, maybe not “Abbey Road” but at least my generation’s Abbey Road.


Anonymous said...

Don't step up your game, keep writing your stuff. I am one of your audiences though I knew you no less than one month. I remember you told me you are a mean person, but for me a guy who likes writing, reading, or playing basketball cannot be a bad guy.

By the way,it is an island that you should explore it every day. You cannot say there is so much silly drama. You should say everywhere is silly drama. That is what we called life, and you just lead a different life in different country. However, I know you are a courageous person..If you continually quesition everything, then the only solution is to find all the answers. That is why you are here!

^^ 2005.8.28

Matthew K Warner said...

lol, stepping up my game is a good thing. It is slang for improving my writing and how much I post. Though I am glad someone finally put a comment.

There is silly drama everywhere, but for some reason I get locked into it here. I am trying to play more and think less lately and generally stop worrying. I have been worrying way too much lately.