Friday, August 12, 2005

Very quick tech story

Very quick story:

The other day, me and my friend Stu went to the phone company to move his internet connection to my house. The way their system works is you can actually pass on an Internet connection to someone else, so we were doing that.

After a very long wait, we get up to move everything. We get a nice lady who clearly used to speak English butt has not used it in a very long time. At one point she needed a copy of my passport. However, my passport is with the Taiwanese government getting a green card.

We tried calling my work, but they apparently did not hold onto any of my information (this is why I can get so frustrated about school sometimes). They did not even have my passport number (they found it later, but after everything was resolved).

So the solution? I had my computer in my bag, which had a scan of my passport for when I was applying for jobs. I whipped out the computer, we saved the passport image on my friend Stu’s USB drive, and then printed it out on the phone company’s computer. We did this very fast. Not only did we get it printed out, but also the passport image was the size of an entire piece of paper. So not only do they get it, they REALLY got it.

And people ask me why I carry my computer with me wherever I go. Now you know.


Old Math said...

So when you are in a bar, trying to get close to the young ladies, you have your computer with you? How is that working out?

Matthew K Warner said...

Actually, its a help. Girls often want to see photos from back home. So I can be at any random spot and whip out the 12". I was at a night market and a friend did not know the word slang. Popped it out and translated it in under 15 seconds. And Apples are hottness personified here :).

Plus people always want to see photos of my Dad (its true, they dig the big nose and assume that is where its from), so I always have them ready :).

mabesol said...

Hi Matt... its me, Melina, I was looking for your old web site and I found it this one... what happened withe the other? Any way, I create my own blogg before find I think we can be in touch here.