Friday, September 02, 2005

Crazy father

This guy really helped me when I first came. His English is not great, but my Chinese is TERRIBLE. So when I first came he helped me out a lot. Now that I "get" their system (their rules are very specific and involve terrible Chingrish) it is okay.

They call him the crazy father because he plays like Shaq out there. Actually, they all call one of the smallest kids Shaqu (who can make some amazing things), but I think that is for the irony.

Crazy father goes for rebounds with flying elbows and incredible verocity. He is the only one I am afraid to play. The really great kid and I play at a new level against each other. Crazy father is amazing, but sometimes he just scares me (he plays fair, but he occasionally just humiliates you).


Smiranda said...

Do you have a nickname yet? I think you should be "that white guy." Actually that probably already is your nickname....

Oh and hey, you know that part in Resident Evil 4 where you get in the elogant room with the two crazy Wolverine guys and it totally sucked? Yeah. Rocket launcher kills them both in one shot. Was a piece o'cake. I've been totally kicking ass against the bosses this second time through. I got through three last night in probably a half-hour. Granted I'm getting to the part of the game where we stopped and after that I will probably start sucking again hardcore.

And I really suck at the arcade gun game (one of which you totally missed earlier in the game btw). I've only gotten one bottlecap so far but I'll keep trying to get better.

Matthew K Warner said...

Actually my nickname, as is often the case, was Mae guo ren (American). Its funny, that has been what they have called me since I got there, but they still ask me where I am from because it constitutes 50 percent of their English.

I did not have time to go through it very slowly, I still did not finish.