Sunday, September 11, 2005

Little update

The hardest thing about writing about Tainan is picking a theme for each blog entry. I have written, I estimate, about 12 entries that are half finished and going no where. Partially because they always get on some long winded tangent that could go on forever. The main issue is that it is hard to say where some things start and some things end. Everything blends together so profoundly.
My dating life is obviously connected to my view of the city as a whole. It’s also connected to my growing Chinese. My school life is connected to my view of the county as a whole. It also connects to a personal view of myself. If I quit an aspect of my job, I have free time for Chinese or exploring, which I do not always take.
When I sit down, I have written none of it, so I try to write all of it. I write about a crazy date, which then becomes a discussion of Chinese, which leads to a discussion of English on some larger philosophical level. Everything loses its bounds.
I will try to post something real, about something specific in the next few days, for now, quick snippets. I know people want real entries, with voice and thought. However, some people just want to know what the heck I am doing, this is more for the latter, the former will get there’s some day, I promise:

1) I now have a roommate Ryan. He is a very cool Canadian. He plays good music, and we get along really well. I have so much room here that it is not a problem. However, as anyone knows, I get tragically messier with a roommate, and I think so does he (perhaps not to the same severity). That said a cleaning lady is so cheap here its amazing. It sounds extravagant, but if you could get your house cleaned for $15 US, tell me you would not do it….
2) I was teaching little babies for a week. By the end of the week, I was doing significantly better. However, I was signed up to do it for 22 weeks. Even the idea gave me the shakes. So I ended up dropping that, and I am glad to do it. I will just be teaching an elementary class I like for 12 hours a week. Also I have a few classes on the side which pay better and have less pressure.
3) The extra time is going to Chinese. I am trying to fake formal classes. Their University is actually really nice. It is huge, and beautiful, and just seems like fun. So I plan on taking two classes a day there. My goal is to get all the way up to four hours or more working on Chinese a day.
4) Applying for law school is going pretty well except the LSDAS does not have Mac Support. Also I need to finish my personal statements. Today’s big goal is to finish two personal statements. If I do that, I should be able to be applied to some schools very very early (which was my goal).
5) I am playing an egregious amount of basketball these days. I have a good story about this that will be in here soon (that one should lack the constant tangents, so it should be okay).


Anonymous said...
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Smiranda said...

Hehe... Tragically messier... I chuckled at that...

And dude, totally get a cleaning lady. That's like... my dream... cause lord knows Nick ain't going to do it.

Josh said...

I suggest checking out when you are done writing your personal statement. They really do a great job making sure that your statement sounds great and does not have any errors.