Sunday, September 04, 2005

Raw poltiical anger

I still think about politics. I want to support the things I love in a vast and usually amazing country. But I wonder if I have the emotional capability for it. Bush has left the kind of distaste in my mouth that makes me question eating in its entirety.
That photo did it for me. I was already reading articles and getting more and more angry. But something about the photo makes me feel terribly upset. It just seems like he does not get it.
I know it is likely just me. I perceive something that is generated from my political bias. Still, it really makes me very ill.
I have loved ones who voted for him, and that makes it harder. I realize there must be something to him that someone must like. However, I can’t envision it. I have never seen him that conservative, I have never seen him that compassionate. Perhaps he is some incredible genius and I don’t see it, but I can’t honestly believe that.
It just seems to me that the country has given the most powerful job in the country to a frat-boy-spoiled-brat.
Being here has made me think about November 2nd a lot. That was a beautiful day, being my mom’s fiftieth birthday, and such a terrible day for my nation.
I often wonder which is more important. I mean that metaphorically, but the question is whether American politics equates to American life. After the election, I just went on with my life. I realized I had friends and things I loved about America that were so distant from the worst political mistake in my lifetime (albeit a short life time).

The thing that bothers me so much is how did this even come up for debate? Clinton had an affair in office. That’s terrible! Yet I think he is infinitely better than what we have now. How did Watergate happen? How in the world can a country so blessed have people running it that think George Lucas style power-mongering is okay? Why is this a debate?
The more I think about it, the more I am disgusted with American politics. How did they sink so low?
I refuse to believe that humanity cannot find more capable leaders. I don’t ask every politician to be MLK, but at least be a nice person. Blunt statement: I and at least 70% of all my friends and family are BETTER PEOPLE than the last three presidents, chief of staffs, and senate majority leaders. I am just a dude, a normal person, but I am confident in that statement.
I have a lot of answers to these questions. I specifically don’t want answers I guess, because I have them and they make me more upset. The real question is whether or not to play a sport that you love when the game has gotten so dirty.


Anonymous said...

Me for President!
- Daryl

Love reading your blog. Keep them up.

Smiranda said...

Makes me want to move to Canada sometimes. Stupid Nick for being so stubborn.


Anonymous said...

Hi Matty!!

It's Erica. I completely agree with you. I don't understand how anyone with a brain would ever vote for Bush. ...How is it that he actually got elected?

He's a spoiled frat boy who can only get elected by trying to claim he's a man of faith.

... Umm sure. Kerry was a far better religious figure than him!

Now I'm mad.