Saturday, October 08, 2005

PTA and feeling good

Since the last blog entry was clearly so interestingly recieved, I might keep these things snappy and bloggy. I liked all the comments on the last one, maybe I should do more messed up things just for the reaction?

Anyway, I had PTA the other day and I am flying high. I was super nervous and it turned into a Loving My Class fest. The parents with the most questions were all about me. Apperently the kids rave about me, and the parents love how I am approaching the class. It was all very cool and felt really nice. I enjoy the class more now too, its like I have a mandate.

It was really nice because I have developed specific goals and my own style, which I will often question and re question. This is mostly because I am learning a language, so I am always wondering "hey, would this teach me?" So they totally were into it and it felt great.

So with that things are good. The only problem is there are a lot of people I want to see this weekend, but it is hard to manage.


Old Math said...

Parent: "Favorite son say you good teacher. You really eat fish still flopping around?"

Matthew K Warner said...

Aw, their English was good to a little so so.

Its easy to appreciate that when you can't speak Chinese worth crap. I actually cussed at one of the parents. I said their kid's English was f---ing good when I meant to say that their English was better. The words are pretty close, but it was still way dumb.

Smiranda said...

Silly Matt. Cursing at parents. Glad you're getting good reviews though.

Smiranda said...

Oh and by the way, congratulations. You've officially gotten yourself filtered at my work. I can no longer get my dose of Matt goodness at work. *tear*

Daryl said...

Next blog:

Website banned in UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Miranda's work place.

Cussing at parents - cool
Cussing at parents in a foreign laguage - very cool
Cussing at parents in a foreign language and having them praise you - priceless