Monday, October 17, 2005

Teaching and learning

I just now realized that teaching is truly a part of me now.

Not really the idea of expressing an idea for someone else to learn, I think that was always there. In that sense, teaching is easy. I can typically express an idea fairly well and be understood.

What is harder is the herding of cats. Getting all the kids focused on what you are doing, or not breaking rules, or whatever.

Just now I heard kids speaking Chinese outside, and I felt a desire, a true pull, towards the window. My head had outlined a plan somewhere in my subconscious to yell "HEY, SPEAK ENGLISH!" Luckily I am not, well, crazy. However the sound of a little Taiwanese kid speaking Chinese grinds against me. Conversly, the sound of an adult Taiwanese speaking English grinds against me.

Both teaching and learning are slowly creeping, nesting in the back of my brain.

I still like it, my classes rock, however I wish I could be studying more Chinese. I just wish I could be a full time student.

That said, the pay here just gets silly. I teach three hours a week at a private school outside of my main school. Those three hours pay for my weekly expenses alone, and that includes going to nice dinners at least three times a week. I want to focus just on Chinese, but that is just super nice.

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