Thursday, November 24, 2005

Me playing basketball

Wow, I wrote a charming entry and very much lost it.

Anyway, here are not so great photos of me playing basketball. They are not bad, but the person was not really trying to get photos of me. I have always wanted photos of me playing, so that is cool.

Speaking of the basketball court. I now play at city hall. The lights go late, so I don't have to worry about the sun setting. They have different skill levels, everyone is my age, and they are a little more intense. After playing today, I was propositioned, by an actual propositioner I believe. I am not sure how I would deal with that sort of awkwardness in English, but Chinese made it far more awkard. She kept leaning sideways to to look into my dodging eyes. This was clearly her tatic, to give sympathetic looks to guys who are awkward and can't look a girl in the eyes. Having my eyes look in two completly different directions at one time really threw her game I think. She would put herself along the crossed eye, only to try and chase down the other. Her whole body ended up ticking and tocking like a metronome. This made all the worse as she tried to understand the Chinese of a three year with a speech impediment.

Anyway, here are photos...

Here is me, utterly not involved. I need to work on that.

I really want to know if I pulled this move off. It looks like it is going to be a sick move, but I probably just hurt myself.

Not bad hops for 5'10" and clumsy. Again, i want to dunk, just once. I can touch the rim again, which I did sophmore year. And that is without actively working on my jump. If I now seriously do squats and stairs, maybe maybe. Just once, just once.

Monday, November 21, 2005


I give my MSN address to basically anyone that expresses a vague interest. Here in Taiwan, my MSN address is spread far and wide. Because of that, I have an extensive list of friends for chatting with. This is very useful, because if I ever need a fluent speaker of Chinese, its simply not that hard.

To give them my address, I give them my email address which is @ my website address, That address leads to this blog. But I realized, in a deeper way, that link leads to me.

That sounds silly, and I was embarrassed when I thought this, embarrassed when I developed it, and embarrassed as I write this. But the fact is, for over five years now, has had little pieces of me. But now it leads to more me than it ever has.

I have not updated this blog in over two weeks, and I still believe that is true. Hell, even the spaces are interesting, in that they show the rising tides of how busy I am.

The interesting part is the blog rarely discusses things of too much substance. Really my life has had a lot more frustration and annoyance than this blog really conveys. I convey work issues, and Chinese issues. These things occupy my brain, but a large part of my emotions have been elsewhere.

That said, this blog still conveys so much of me. Its tempo, its tone. Its concerns, they are all parts of me. And if for nothing else, the sheer quantity of it is essential to me being me.

No person will get a clear image of me from this, but it is incredible we live in an age when this is so easily available. Through this site, you can find my pictures, my writing, my thoughts, and my life. All of which is pretty shallow, but far more than could have been done before inherent (without carrying large biographies with us).

So I gave this link to someone today and realized that with dedicated reading, they could know an awful lot about me, very very fast. That is a strange feeling.


Excuse the bad Chinese attempts, but I need to start throwing more in there.

Also a quick update of things in my life:

Dating Rie - Very good. Describing the intricacies of our relationship would take time and a larger blog, but its good. We study a lot together, and eat a lot, two of my favorite things I am finding.

Learning Chinese - Not bad. My tones are terrible, and Rie may kill me if I don't improve them. My reading is getting better fast, my writing is okay. It will be easier when I have a one on one class (一對一課).

Teaching English - Ups and downs. A few weeks ago was hard. Sometimes everything is smooth, sometimes, ugh. One student is getting batty on me, and that is not really helping.

Applying for Law School - It is such a weird experience. You are fighting this fear of rejection, but at the same time, paying for that battle. It makes applying very weird. Actually, so far it has been cheap as I have not applied to any schools where I did not have a fee waiver. There is only one where I might, but I think I might not. Now excuse me, I have to go print out and frame that sentence.

Basketball - My inside game is getting really good. My outside game is somehow getting even worse. My dribbling, control, and teamwork, also getting better. I realized that dunking might be as distant as being a good writer, just not likely. However, I have my jump to where it was Sophomore year of college (can touch the rim solidly). The theory is now I should do squats seriously and try to get really up there, but I don't have decent weights.

Martial Arts - I still have not really had the time to pursue a teacher or a group to learn the basics with. But I will do it.

Oh, and to close, a quick story. Ran into a guy from Longmont the other day. He knew exactly where I used to live. Really great guy, bought Rie and I's dinner. We talked Broncos, it was really cool. Really interesting to think of that small town, with so little of them traveling overseas (unless I have a horrible misconception of Longmont), and I run into one, in an obscure part of Taiwan. Crazy stuff.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

And one more

A photo of me and the girl because, darn it, we are cute.

Rie photo

For those of you have not seen, I wanted to post a photo of my girlfriend. For the anniversy of my school, they dressed up the foreigners as patriots. Because Rie is down for whatever, she got really painted up (a flag on each cheek which you cannot see in this photo, as well as the head band and a flag. So she looked ultimately Japanese (when really, although Japanese, she is not as hard core as this image would indicate).

She is an amazing girl, she has traveled to over twenty countries, studies fast and hard, and is generally a delight to be around.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A need to post

My lack of posting has left the area of lazy or busy and entered a stage of simply negligent. I recognize that someone must be looking at this site, and it is so terribly annoying to check a dying blog. However, I do recommend people get serious about RSS and get something like Safari's checker to keep up to date.

Anyway, life is good. I have a Japanese girlfriend that I care for, duh. We spend a lot of time together, which is bad for my Chinese but typically good for me. Balancing Chinese and each other has been the most awkward relationship issue I have had to deal with. My future hopefully includes Chinese, I want it to, but that is ultimately optional. Rie really wants to learn Chinese, and use it in day to day life. She only has a year here, at most, maybe only four more months.

As such, we have to schedule a great deal of apart time, not simply to be alone, but because of a tangible reason for the future. Her English has been improving dating me of course, but it can only so much. She studies with a markably veracity, but that time must be spent on Chinese.

She actually has caught up to my Chinese in two months, largely because she has a fast moving one on one class and I have a very slow group class. I am completely unwilling to let her pass me, so now I am studying a chapter a head, at this rate, I will end up studying far far ahead of my supposed level.

We now speak a great deal of Chinese together, but its very ugly, and arguably bad for both of us. Without the correction and of a native speaker, its good to think in Chinese, but not necessarily that helpful.

I want to learn Japanese, but that would just confuse my Chinese right now. However, I am trying to become as fluent _sounding_ as possible. I have now mastered a few collection of words, that if used at the right times, sounds like I speak Japanese, example.

Them: Some complex Japanese idea...

Me: Why?

Them: Elaboration

Me: Really?

Them: Yeah, really.

Me: But...Well...Okay, I understand, whatever...

Them: Probably more Japanese

Me: Really?...

My Chinese is doing fine, but my typing and computer literacy is far ahead of my speaking. My speaking is just ugly.

When I get a one on one class I will be able to learn at a real pace, but right now, there is too much stopping.

Anyway, speaking of which, I should study.

However, I recommend this blog for people interested in Chinese - His last entry on language affecting us really hit me because of my current relationship, and, well life.

I will post more in the coming days.