Thursday, November 24, 2005

Me playing basketball

Wow, I wrote a charming entry and very much lost it.

Anyway, here are not so great photos of me playing basketball. They are not bad, but the person was not really trying to get photos of me. I have always wanted photos of me playing, so that is cool.

Speaking of the basketball court. I now play at city hall. The lights go late, so I don't have to worry about the sun setting. They have different skill levels, everyone is my age, and they are a little more intense. After playing today, I was propositioned, by an actual propositioner I believe. I am not sure how I would deal with that sort of awkwardness in English, but Chinese made it far more awkard. She kept leaning sideways to to look into my dodging eyes. This was clearly her tatic, to give sympathetic looks to guys who are awkward and can't look a girl in the eyes. Having my eyes look in two completly different directions at one time really threw her game I think. She would put herself along the crossed eye, only to try and chase down the other. Her whole body ended up ticking and tocking like a metronome. This made all the worse as she tried to understand the Chinese of a three year with a speech impediment.

Anyway, here are photos...

Here is me, utterly not involved. I need to work on that.

I really want to know if I pulled this move off. It looks like it is going to be a sick move, but I probably just hurt myself.

Not bad hops for 5'10" and clumsy. Again, i want to dunk, just once. I can touch the rim again, which I did sophmore year. And that is without actively working on my jump. If I now seriously do squats and stairs, maybe maybe. Just once, just once.


Shmiranda said...

<66 ^^^^^^^^^^
xx ^^^^^^^^^^^^
xx ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
xx ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| |
/\ /\

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I drew you a turkey! :)

Angry Smiranda said...

Oh now I'm pissed! When it posted the spacing messed it all up! That sucks!!!

JRB said...

I wanted to see pictures of this propositioning chick...the way you described her man...I need to see!! Oh well.