Monday, January 30, 2006

An English entry

This post is in English because I have a lot of time on my hands, and, well, f it. All Chinese life lasted maybe, six seconds. The fact is that my Chinese conversation is just not good enough to get by. My Spanish was ugly, but I could get around, if by no other tool than faking cognates. You can't fake anything here. If people commuted by writing things down, I think I would be okay, my reading is fine. But my speaking is just not good enough. It is not terrible, and I can converse, but there are too many times where things just fall apart.
Anyway, an odd topic inspired me to post: Jackie Chan.
I consider Jackie Chan the king of light hearted action films. Even his "gritty stuff" seemed very tame to me. I am now watching him in a really messed up flick. I just started watching, and he just watched all of his friends die in twos and threes before his very eyes. Afterwards he becomes a serious drunk. All of this is pretty visual and definitely kind of unnerving, largely because it is Jackie. I found myself in my coach going "Jackie!? Jackie!?"
I wanted to apply this to a larger topic of how it shows that we all have a different side, but, whatever. I want to get back to studying Chinese anyway.
For the Chinese posts, don't worry if you can't understand the Chinese posts, they are not only not interesting, they incredibly poorly written, and largely indecipherable (that has been largely fixed, but initially they were nonsense).
A piece of bad news, I am on hold at Columbia. Based on the people they have been letting in, I believe I will still get in, but this is disconcerting. What is good is that it has gotten me to look harder at NYU. Its location is really amazing. That said, there is something about the ivy league, some dark Jackie Chan sort of thing, that keeps me wanting to go to Columbia.
Part of the problem with NYU is I met a real idiot that went to NYU Law. I realize I could meet a real jerk from any of my schools, but that one really got me. Being that I can't really get to the schools to see them, its all pretty trivial. I mean, I am behind the veil of ignorance no matter what, guessing on rumor and vague impressions.
Also, my future is more colorful wondering about Rie and I. Rie is away for ten days, staying at her teacher's house, so I miss her a lot. Anyway, back to 中文的新聞.

Oh also, the Chinese ads for Google ads are WAY cooler in Chinese. For those of you not down with the Chinese, they are usually questions like who was the second man on the moon or what is the fastest bird. They are really cool. So I may have to make sure my entries are in Chinese just for the neat ads.

Also to note, after that a Jet Li from his WAY younger days came on. It was a comedy and kind of a romance, like most Jackie Chan films that hit America (but set in China). For someone who cares, weird stuff. I am sure I sound really silly to any real 功夫 fans, but I thought it was cool.


Old Math said...

Wait a minute, you met a guy who went to law school, like to become a lawyer, and he is a jerk?

Woa, news flash.

Matthew K Warner said...


Hmmm...good point...

This was actually a Taiwanese girl oddly.

That said, I realize you have a point, I guess the problem is that I do believe that there are more good people who want to be lawyers than bad people. And right now my sample size for NYU is 1. Clearly not a fair survey, but it bugs me.

Columbia on the other hand has a very articulate, very interesting blogger at His blog is really good, you would like it dad, he is a conservative. He speaks Japanese too, and clearly spent a lot of time abroad during law school, a major goal of mine.