Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Random post about music

I hope to go to 台北 (Taipei) tomorrow if I get a chance, so I may be gone a bit.

Anyway, this was a great quote about Taiwanese music taste with hip-hop:

"It never ceases to amaze us how the Taiwanese clubbers don’t get sick of hearing the same 30 songs over and over again. The DJs after him played the same tracks he did and they all went insane like they had not heard them 30 minutes earlier. The same Hip Hop tracks could be played 4 times a night (and often are) and the local clubbers go mental every time they hear them. It’s like having a 10 year-old sister listening to the Little Mermaid soundtrack on repeat." Source: http://www.grantstetski.com/index.php?pageid=6&articleid=3

I really love the quote, specifically the end. As any friend of mine knows, I love hip hop and prefer it in general to most music. That said, it does shock me that they really do go nuts for exactly the same song. I fully expect to hear Black Eyed Peas MORE than six times a night. This is usually because I show up early (I was trained in Boulder to go out at nine or ten, or even eight, so the fact that people don't go out until ludicrous hours like one in the morning still has not changed me). Therefore, I end up sticking around until things going and leave afterwards (most of this is trivial, since I started dating Rie, I have not clubbed much anyway).

Anyway, they will play the two latest BEP songs about two or three times each, and then have an older one for good measure. It is insane, even giving them the fact that they cannot understand the terrible lyrics, which is simply not justifiable.

The one thing that also ticks me, there are some great Chinese pop tracks. Not amazing, but they are surely better than BEP. Yet I do not think I have ever heard them at a club. They are super popular on MTV, yet they just don’t get play, ever song is either techno (for the DJ) or American Hip Hop (for the clubbers).

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