Friday, February 17, 2006

A heavy implication

I really like this short but interesting blog entry. I would say "hat tip" to Brian Leiter, but for those of you way too into academic blogs, is it just me, but is "hat tip" really annoying (not to sound a tad fruity, but perhaps if hats were at least considered "in fashion" again).

As for the journalism, it is mighty silly that they don't call out the absurdity.

Anyway, my views on gun control are still up in the air. I honestly believe it would be a bad idea for America to start going around stripping guns from its craziest and most religious citizens. That said, it is just silly that one in certain states can buy a fire arm from a Wal Mart.

I think we can all agree is that guns should be out of the hands of criminals, like Dick Cheney.

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