Thursday, February 23, 2006

The internet

Great stuff on the internet:

Seriously guys, there are so many Chinese/Japanese speakers in California. The budget of this movie I am sure was adequate enough to pop over to China town and just ask somebody. The best part is that was in the second book of my Chinese learning, I mean come on!

The site that I link at first (which is not kid friendly) also talks about Cosmo where they discuss a Chinese character as this mythic symbol which no one could dare decipher but the keep of the tat. The worst part was that the character was 愛 (love, which book 1 got out of the way fast). Which is used in both Japanese and Chinese and prounounced the same (at least to my ear). I know Cosmo is not exactly bought for their intellectual bravado, but between the 1.3 billion in China (does that number count the 23 million in Taiwan?), and the 125 million in Japan, plus an assortment of others around the world, its safe to say the character is not that mystic.

Lastly, I am totally in love with trip plan making do dad. It is really fun, and if these fares are real I think will let me get around the world before coming back. Who knows if I can actually reasonably get these prices.

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