Friday, February 17, 2006

Military in Taiwan

I am getting more and more into Taiwanese politics. I started by reading about the government, and with a great discussion from a very smart academic who teaches at my university. It became clear the institutions here are really really bad off. Lately it has become clear why, as the whole lot of the poltiicans seem to be not to worthwhile.

The only one I like is the blue candidate's chairman who seems like a geniunly good guy and who seems to hold a better views of cross strait relations than I believe the president does. The president, I think, may get Taiwan in big big trouble if he has a bad day.

The latern festival is going on literally blocks from my house, and everyday at eight o'clock they launch fireworks. It sounds like the red army is coming once a day. We were cooking the first time and then there was a house shaking (very literally) boom. Now I am used to it. It should happen for the rest of two weeks. At some point (tonight?) I am going to go over there, and if the pictures are bad, then I am just a bad photographer, because I have heard good things.

Last thing about military. I assigned all of my students to draw where they want to live, their dream house. The girls are in 6 story Barbie homes. The boys apparently want to live in military bases, with tanks helicopters, and explosions occuring in the base at the very time that the artist chose to render their home. In a country where conscription is mandatory, I have really good news for them.

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