Sunday, February 26, 2006

Not to be trite

Not to be trite, but like most bloggers, a good hip-hop post must be followed by a post about obscure Japanese Anime.

Anyway, for the anime fans in my small portion of the blogosphere (both of you), may I recommend Yakitate. The show has the delightfully weird charm of Initial D taken to a whole new level. I downloaded like the seventh episode and have been watching them backwards.

The show is, and you will kick yourself for not coming up with it first (or if you did, not moving to Japan and producing it), about baking, yes, baking. Baking done by the young gifted Yakitate whose Solar Hands power her kneading in order to create the world's finest of breads. Yes, its true, the English, the French, and even the Germans have their bread, but Japan does not have a bread to call its own. So Yakitate is on a quest to create the real Japan (a joke that works in Japanese, as the word for bread in Japanese is pan).

Oh man it is good. I am downloading it (the source of all of my TV) and the translator is really gifted. He makes his subtitles look much prettier than most subtitles (I know it sounds weird, but if you head over to the recently sued but likely to win TorrentSpy, you will see what I mean). If you can buy it or whatever, do that. But this falls under that moral category of "It's not like I can pop over and buy the Bread Making Anime DVD at Best Buy."

Anyway, the tipping point of me wanting to blog this was they are now doing a parody of their own show about a young California boy who has "North Pole Hands" and wants to create a cooked rice dish worthy of America! But his wheat farmer father does not understand his strange "Japanese wanna-be" son (despite the father speaking shockingly fluent Japanese). Furthermore, I thought anime girls all wore comically slutty clothing. An American anime girl takes it to a whole new level.

Anyway, the show has so moved me I ate a loaf of French Bread ( a real rarity in Taiwan) for dinner tonight.

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Smiranda said...

I will see if I can pick it up. Pretty sure it hasn't been licensed here so it blurs that fine line of amateur subtitle distribution. But you and your competitive animes...