Friday, February 17, 2006

A quick addendum

I have no idea how I forgot about this in an entry about Taiwan politics and military. One of the major pan-blue politicians here is named 連戰. His name gave me a lot of problems when I first started reading news, because unlike most names you can actually translate it into something with meaning. It means "successive battles," a name that I am tempted to give my child.

"Hi, my name is Successive Battles Warner." Now that is a name.


Michael Turton said...

Lien Chan is probably a reference to United Front - tong lien = United Chan hsien = front


Matthew K Warner said...

Do you mean United Front as a proper noun or as in a better translation of his name?

The often silly Wikipedia writes the same translation that I originally had (before I discovered Wikipedia and before I could read Chinese news I would often wonder why the heck they were always talking about successive battling).

I was wondering if one of the Tainan political news hounds would read anything I wrote on this. Specifically you or "Mad Dog."

I have been developing a lot of feelings about the whole thing, but am trying to pull more out of it. I am often afraid that the frustration American politics gives me biases my opinions. I hope to avoid that with Taiwanese politics.

That said, its very very hard to not become passionate about the characters involved.