Friday, February 03, 2006

Quick entry

I normally stand against this sort of thing, but my blog has become a blog, so it is worth being tagged (however I will be the last branch)

Four movies I can watch over and over
* Pulp Fiction
* Dave (Yeah? What? What!?)
* Kill Bill I/II
* Godfather

Four TV shows I watch religiously
* Arrested Development (sigh)
* 哈,umm...我愛黑澀會 but that is mostly because its the only thing easily available. Plus its funny and I usually understand.
* Basketball games, everday I can catch one here, which is great
* In the states: Daily Show

Four places I've been on vacation (I don't like this question, it does not really say much I guess. Maybe because I lack really cool specific places).
* Mexico
* Thailand
* Ohio
* China

Four favourite dishes
* Sushi
* Humburger
* Chinese in general (which is lucky I guess!)
* Cheesecake

Four websites I visit daily
* (sigh)
* This blog for comment checking
* Yahoo

Four places I would rather be right now
* In the states, specifically CA, OR, and CO, because I be missing some people real bad
* China or Taipei (the over use of Taiwanese is driving me crazy here in the South)
* Europe, because I have not "done the Europe thing"
* Shifted one foot directly to my right, and resting on my left arm and not my right......ahhh...better...

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