Saturday, March 04, 2006

I am drinking on the government's tab

I am drinking a "ClassicDark" on the government's tab, and the taste of Taiwanese greed makes it somehow, a little more bitter (but its a dark beer, so it is supposed to be bitter).

The government runs a lottery system on the reciepts here (read all about it at Tealit. I know one foreigner teacher that pulled down $4,000 (about $133 US), not a bad pay day for buying, you know, water and stuff. I wasn’t really keeping track of it because I didn't like organizing receipts. However, based on the tides of my room, I ended up with most of my receipts pilled up anyway. Gave it a scan through, and I won $200 NT (about $6.66 US).

Actually getting them cashed requires a trip to a post office or certain banks, but that was a bit of a hassle (just not on the way). But I discovered you could to 7-11 and use them there. I have been living off of as close to nothing as possible for a while now, so that I can travel before coming back to the states, and so it was satisfying to just blow $200 on random stuff.

I got a Michelob ClassicDark, a Meji Chocolate bar, a Taiwan Beer 40, a Smirnoff rip off, and a bottle of water. Not bad really, and it made me appreciate how much stuff really costs here. Plus, the Meji (which is super good chocolate, go the Japanese) consumed with the Michelob made a pleasant taste that reminded me a great deal of the chocolate beers that Miranda, Nick and I got at the Rogue brewery. After consumption, I sighed.

Furthermore, the idea of a lottery on receipts just has such great societal commentary. The only way to curb the greed of the storeowners not wanting to pay taxes is by a lottery system that uses the greed of consumers to demand receipts. The odd part is I can't blame the owners (I would not necessarily want to buy into this government), I can't blame the consumers (I want a lottery), and I can't blame the government (I want to get taxes). All and all, its a beautiful system in its honesty about who we are as a people.

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