Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Stasis Update

When I am writing something, somewhere along the line... it gets deleted. Usually there is a moment of weakness or anger about how trivial my writing invariably becomes. So, nothing gets posted. This makes me feel bad because there are some people checking the site with regularity. So I will do a status update on a few things so that I can comfortably delete the long pretentious stories that I can't bear to inflict on the internet viewing public.

Taiwan - I am getting very homesick. I miss normal cars that don't run every red light. I miss not being stared at because of the color of my skin. There are a lot of things I like about Taiwan. I am trying new approaches to teaching. I am learning new things in class and in new ways. I have started traveling (I finally visited Kaohsiung, the big city to my South) and I hope to keep traveling. Yet I need to go back home. The fact is that I "got" the Taiwan thing for now. It's time for a break.

Chinese - My Chinese is doing okay. WIth a running start, I am comfortably conversational. I am getting better at explaining complex concepts. My reading is still my best asset. I just hope I can keep studying in the US. I have discovered I can read and hear Spanish without any issues, but I can barely say or write a word. I hope to achieve a level of fluency with Chinese where I don't have to worry about completely forgetting the language.

Law school - I am getting nervous. Columbia is pretty much out for me. I don't think I can still hear from them early enough to change my mind. "Ivy League" is nice, but I don't think it will change my mind away from NYU. I am still waiting for Harvard, but perhaps it is getting silly. I simply applied too late, and I will probably be wait-listed (if not out-and-out rejected). I think I should hear in four days, but I am not sure. I have to decide about NYU before May 5th.

Teaching - Teaching is fine, yet getting mundane. I am trying to do new approaches, but it is still somewhat boring. The problem is that I have discovered what I like with English teaching, and what I am doing is only half "it." If I were here for a year longer, I could reformat my schedule around what I like, advanced students and one-on-one classes. Yet I need to finish my current semester. So I am still dealing with the little ones, which is good since I have taught them for ten months but bad because I have taught them for ten months.

My one-on-one and advanced classes are very enjoyable. The advanced class talks about serious stuff. The one-on-one classes are fun and I get to really focus on an individual student's unique problems. The smaller kids are fun too, I just don't like all of the classroom management. I am decent at classroom management, but that does not mean I like it.

Anyway, for a fun close:

To rip off my friend Joooony. Here are some of the search words that get to my blog:

cam ron columbus ohio
is kanye s mother fluent in chinese ( a personal favorite of mine, I am the top hit for that!)
my most frightening experience
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boys punished in beauty salons (definitely a good one)
feel like crying guys (wow, an unfortunate addition)
meji chocolate japan (which bothers me because I misspelled Meji)

And my personal favorite: "What does to be trite mean?" The answer... my blog I guess.

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joooony said...

oh sweet i get promoted to friend status ;-)P ah the internet is a funny thing. lately the search engine hits haven't been that interesting for me. although there was one on for "chippendale pick girls for fluffing." i'm not even sure what that could mean. what is going on here. anyway. good luck with your law school decision! woo! nyc! or cambridge, i guess. except do you really want to be a snotty new englander at the h-bomb with an unhealthy obsession with the sox? pfffft. oh wow this comment is getting absurdly long. oh yeah. we demand more photos. ok i think i've done enough damage here. peace out fool.