Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hilary Clinton

My distaste for Hilary Clinton seems to grow with every word I hear from her. I would largely defend her husband to my father, but I think his barbs are not even sharp enough for Hilary. She will really say anything, and some of them are so stupid I don’t know where to begin.

After her sudden and awe-inspiringly ignorant attack on videogames, she started insulting my generation. I think my generation is working its butt off. Not just looking at my friends, but generally, I am very proud of my peers. This is a good article on the subject:


I want comments on this.

Sorry for no blogging, I have been trying to manage time better, and blogging has had to go.


Smiranda said...

Damn you and your time management. I have looked at mine as well and it seems pretty much all my time on the computer has to go... *sigh*

Anyway, Hilary... yet another lackluster democratic candidate, *sigh*. I thought she'd be cool but the more I see her the more lame she seems. But ultimately, unless they nominate John McCain on the republican side, which the republicans are too stupid to do, I will have to vote for her as her party indecisively represents the stuff I actually believe in, which the republicans are too retarded about.

And on a last note: Colbert rocks!

Matthew K Warner said...

Hilary is a worst case scenario. I think a not-so-bad democratic challenger will come out of the wood work, perhaps that is wishful thinking. As far as McCain, he has no chance, although he would fly through the election if he did get nominated.

What is the buzz on the Colbert dinner in the US? Originally I heard the response was bad, but that was from the very media he was criticizing. Now I hear he has the number one song on iTunes!

Nick (the tricky one) said...

Ehh...I dont really care what people say at this point. The election isnt for another 3 years and soo much can happen in the mean time. Also Colbert was liked by the left but not the right after his dinner thing...although his show is quite the hit and possibly better than the Daly Show.

Old Math said...

Hillary is my bitch. I want to have her baby.

In the last 50 years or so every time the Dems have won the white house it has meant big strategic gains for the GOP - this would not be an exception.

The only thing I worry about is that Bill will find a way to sabotage her campaign because he just cannot stand the thought of her in his oval office, with all those sweet memories (and carpet stains).

Bottom line on Colbert at the corespondents dinner? He wasn't funny. Snide isn't funny. Angry isn't funny. Politically the audience was in agreement with Colbert - but they came to the dinner to have fun, not to be hectored by a comedian.

Hopefully he learned a lesson, not that he will EVER be invited back to host that particular gig.