Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I just thought I needed to

Things are going weel. I am buckling down with Chinese and trying to make a big push before I get back to the states. I am studying 功夫 (Kung Fu), and can now do the nine steps of 太極拳 (Tai Ji Quan). It is different than 太極 (Tai Chi) because it, and especially my teacher, focus on actual fighting and how to use 太極. After this we are going to start 少林 (Shaolin, yes that Shaolin, and yes, I am AMPED).

With that, I will actually be making super good hedway into an old goal list. I guess I will leave her without having written "two books" or "dunking a basketball," but I did pretty good on the list really. The latter I might try again in New York, when I will have a bigger gym. The first, well I don't know if I want to subject the world to that (although reading over some of my old entries, I occasionally can be somewhat charming...I mean...not to say...well...sigh...)

Anyway, things are good. Traveling a bit. I plan on going to China before I leave. Enjoying teaching for the most part.


Smiranda said...

You did have charming bits! I think the only thing that kind of made them less charming was the length that usually came after it. Maybe start writing purely awesome short stuff, like, one or two paragraphs at a time and then trying to expand upon that once you've got it down would work. But I suck at writing so my advice is fairly worthless.

In other news, three days of working out and going strong. Two days of decent eating. Yay!

Erica H said...

my friend's performace hehehe

if you didn't, download it...