Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Chilling out a bit in the bamboo forest

' I have decided to slow everything down. My current speed is simply too much to be constantly enjoyable. I am not sure the sheer distance I have covered in these last weeks is really communicated in this blog. So far I have covered, at a minimum 1,548.61 miles. That completely disregards too small of cities for me to reasonable estimate where they are, which are typically five hour drives. This is in addition to being destroyed by that mountain.
The latest thing destroying me = although Lili can surely eat, and surely eat local spicy food, turns out eating like a formidable eater of some of the worlds spiciest dishes is not the most thought out idea I could have had. As such, my digestive system is somewhat of a joke (where I had been doing shockingly well up until here).
I am tired of being casually lied to. So perhaps law school is not the destination for me. It bothers me that they lie to each other without question and to foreigners as a rule. I deal with so many good people, but then, I deal with a lot of bad ones.
I was told at the bottom of the mountain that I am on that I should stay at an expensive hotel because the police are not here to protect me. They will not look out for me, and so I have to be padded and babied.
Then I paid too much for my ride up here, because I was angry, a little afraid, and tired. However I came into my hotel, a hotel my guidebook recommended, with a full head of steam. My vengeance: getting the price of this hotel below what the guidebook says they are talked down to. I must say, it was clear they normally don't do that. I had to fully leave the room and be up out of the hotel (in as sudden of a fluster as I could manage), luckily the very cute staff here had my back.
The very cute staff was also very nice to talk to. The owner here hires 16 year old girls to take care of the place. Before this starts sounding creepy, let me tell you about the best thing about Chinese high school girls: their Mandarin. Sichuan's dialect is going to be the death of me, and they speak extremely clear and pleasant Mandarin, even more so then the college students I had been hanging out with (even including Beijingers).
Thus, I talked to the staff about America and China for a good hour or so, and now I took a nap of about an hour (I fell asleep to Mahjongg down the hall being played down the hall by a group of guys and woke up to it too).
Before my policy of rest: I would have hit here and plunged into the sites. Thrown myself with the forest and then left as soon as possible. Instead I will go out of my way to see nothing tonight and sleep as much as possible. Then tomorrow I can do my various goals.
I am also cutting the World Heritage check listing out of the trip. I am too good at it, I can crank them out one a day, but it tires me out. I have already (with a bonus one from the last trip), hit five. After this I am sure to hit another six or so (Beijing is just filled with them). Most importantly? I will have gone to more than Allison (in Asia, those US National Parks probably get me pretty bad).

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~allie said...

Gee whiz Matt, I'm so upset you beat me in World Heritage Site numbers. We do need to plan out a little trip to some US National Parks (Pride in your country man! C'mon!). And yes, it still comes off as a bit creepy even with their lovely Mandarin. I'm disappointed you didn't play endless rounds of Mahjong instead!