Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Chongqing, a little Hong Kong for you and yours

So you can call me a Chongqing fan, but maybe just because I ended up in the right area. Apparently the right area for me is the posh area. Luckily posh here is about the medium price for stuff in America, but still. I got here last night and realized almost immediately: finding wireless will be a snap.
Actually, to be fair, the thing I first noticed were all the whore houses next to the train station (I must say, Chinese prostitutes are a league above our own, or at least a league above my image of an American prostitute). They looked like shady hair cut places, but there were droves of them filled with beautiful women under neon pink lights.
After giving up on finding a bus stop (and having exhausted "beauty parlor" sightings) I hit a taxi. The taxi took me around this little island (peninsula?), and I found it rather impressive. They have some of them big buildings. I quickly dubbed it mini Hong Kong, because it was clear that is what they were going for.
I liked it a bit more than Hong Kong because there was still more space, and there were real people on the outskirts of the main hip area. My hotel was just outside of the main hip area and the best one I have stayed in for a week (not really stiff competition to be fair).
I very quickly found a cafe nice enough to have wireless and has my second milk tea for about $4 in three days. That is a very steep price for a milk tea, but both did not disappoint. The one in Chengdu was the best I have ever had, and this one was definitely a decent bo ba milk tea. It was nice to take my milk tea snobbery to a whole new level.
I have bought tickets for the three gorges and I was able to find a faster one that does not charge extra to go to the dam (the thing I care the most about). As such, I am going to whip through the gorges, but have enough time to relax and photo them. Plus I am chilling in this little town a lot (last night I slept a lot and cleaned up all nice like).
After that I have another mountain to hike up, we will see if my body can do that again. However it is the Crouching Tiger mountain = awesome. Plus that whole Chinese history thing. Anyway, I should look around this town a bit more. Also I have a Zegna to go into (yes, it has a Zegna, a place I put it in an odd place in my mind).


Jenn Less said...

Like a Ermenegildo Zegna, the clothing store? I wouldn't have imagined...
Glad to see you're taking it a little easier, though. There's no sense in wearing your self out!

Eoin said...

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