Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Going to Taipei

Taipei train station - get a connection but it won't connect to the internet, same name as the one in the Taidong train station (aruba).
Today contains no special plans, which is both good and bad. Normally when I travel, I have one very broad plan. This is because most cities I go to are, to me, completely amazing. Everything is worth doing and everything is reasonably foreign. However, I have already been to Taipei, and most things in Taiwan are simply not that foreign.
One foreign thing, my ticket from Hualian to Taipei, about $15 US, its less than two hours away! Normally that is like $3. I think I need to learn how to specify cheaper fare, but their train system umm...leaves something to be desired. Its simply too confusing.
So the plan is to just dive into Taipei and figure out what I want to do. I think I might see a couple of temples. Perhaps I will see the Sun Yat Sen memorial, maybe return to the National Palace museum, or go to a Northern area many people recommended.
I really don't know where I will sleep tonight, I might end up sleeping in the airport, which I often do as a ghetto traveller. Getting to the airport will be hard, as I don't want to pay for a taxi all the way there. A lady at my hotel told me how to go, but I lack confidence in the directions and have no idea what times I have to work with.
We will see about today, I might just be happy chilling at a cafe talking to Taiwanese people in Taiwan for the last time in a while, as Thursday, off to Hong Kong.

PTI: I am now on the train, almost in Taipei. I have figured out, roughly, how to get back to the airport tonight, and I very much plan on sleeping there (or in the small town that I am actually currently in, which is the closest to the airport).

I am feeling a bit sentimental, this is my last real day in Taiwan and I am not sure what to do. There is a lot to love about this country, and I will genuinely miss it. This train trip was a good start, I spent most of the time talking with a factory worker (I am not sure how high up in the chain he was, but he worked for forty five day stints three times a year, and otherwise lived rather far away) who sat next to me, as well as two nearby lady's and there kids. As per par, the people were very friendly.

PTI: I am in a Mr. Brown chilling online. I could not pass up a connection, plus I have not actually drank at a Mr. Brown. I think I will try to hot springs thing today, there is no evidence online to say that the National Palace Museum opened up more sections of the museum, and I cannot count how many temples I have seen. I figured out how I am going to get to the airport (the information center hooked me up with a bus I think.

I am feeling a bit lazy, I am ready for Hong Kong, and I am a bit too sentimental about Taiwan. Oh well, I am going to finish my tea and get off to some hot springs. The hope - mud bath, that would be crazy tight.

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