Thursday, July 06, 2006

Leaving on a jet airplane

It is only appropriate that right after I confessed my love for Taiwan a creepy Taiwanese guy started reading my computer and sat down directly next to me. The thing about him was that, although creepy, he was creepy for Taiwan. This place has some creepy guys, but nothing compared to characters I have met in other places.
He said he wanted to buy me drinks "I don't drink," and he wanted to buy my ticket to the airport "umm, that is not necessary." At one point he offered to see how much money I had. That was an especially odd one, he asked to see my wallet, which is when I said "ummm....that is not necessary" again, and then took off.
I slept at the airport and slept rather well really. They have some really comfy benches here in Taiwan's National Airport for the Dictator (or in other words, Taiwan's NAD).
One quick story I forgot from last night. I was walking with the guys from the bath house after they bought me dinner. The bigger one looked at my sandals and asked "do you think those will last in China?"
They had lasted really hard use since October so I said "Oh yeah, these things..." and then they just broke. I was surprised at just how creepy it was. LIterally in the middle of my sentence the right strapped popped out, and it was clearly not fixable (for less than the cost of the sandal itself).
So I ended up in one of Taipei's many shoe alleys. I had gone to a doctor's office (the front desk people looked friendly) and tapped my sandal together. With this terrible configuration (though better than what I was doing before, which was walking in such a way that my back left heel kicked the right sandal's heel, knocking the sandal back in place every step).
I went to a shoe place, disappointed at the price of real Pumas (China here I come), and bought new sandals. I ended up throwing away the fourth pair of footwear in a week for me, buying a more durable looking replacement pair. I weirded out the shoe clerk because I had her keep the box and everything. I just gave her the old pair to throw away, put on the new pair and was off.
Anyway, this is still a great island, and I am still leaving. Thanks for the year Taiwan.

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