Monday, July 03, 2006

A Random Friend

First encounter of wireless: The Taidong hotel I am not staying at. It is super nice looking, and the desk clerk was really sweet. I am waiting for a bus to take me to a boat place to get to Green Island and hope to god I can find a sketchy place where I can rent a scooter without an ARC (my boss took it, Grr Valen, Grr).
My hair is nearly completely gone, shaved it! Mailed two more packages, so my luggage is not so bad. No time, gotta go, there should be another new post under this.
To my family and friends SORRY ABOUT THE GRAMMAR AND SPELLING. Some words might end mid-word, sentences might end mid-sentence. I am literally writing all of this stuff in trains, buses and in the middle of the night right before bed. Right now for instance I am on a super small time limit.

PTI: I have to write less, if I want to convey even an eight of what I am doing, I have to write way, way less.

So I get out of the train station and I am looking clueless. The train station is way out of town, and I need to get into town. The buses are clearly not running. Otherwise, it looks like a taxi, something I was figuring I would have to get used to. But a girl from the train stops me. I had talked with her briefly to make sure that I was on the right train (discovering my seat taken).
She talked with me a while, and eventually dropped that she wanted to drive me into town, but she was afraid her motorcycle was too small. I concurred, but we slowly moved in that direction, as she had rising confidence that her scooter could handle what I had just moments referred to as a "sickening" amount of baggage.
But we stuffed it in. Man did we stuff it in. The scooter was small, but we were formidable and overcame. She drove me to the old train station (which no longer runs because apparently the most convenient place in town would be the worst place to have a station). Then we went to the "Gringo Hotel."
She was a Christian (and worked as a nurse for a Christian or Mormon hospital). I told her I wanted to buy her a drink (tea, it was clear she was the tea type). And she said sure.
We had to call a series of numbers at the Gringo to get someone to show up. The girl was Coco. Coco was fantastically drunk and not wearing a skirt in the sense that one might think of a skirt, but rather one might think of a belt. Around the same width, height, and usefulness in covering ones privates.
Coco led to me a very run down, cheap, but entirely functional room, where I am typing this out now. Afterwards, my new friend and I went over to the club that my residency at the Gringo got me in free to. It was just another dance club. Low lights, loud music, and no one there on a Monday.
We sat there, drank orange juice, and chit chatted. She was one of those Taiwanese people that uses a near constant stream of word's I don't know, which made things difficult. After a while, I got used to her style of speaking, and it was okay, but we did not exactly connect on a deeper level than "Hey, its cool someone other than Brazil will win the World Cup."
After a failed attempt at teaching her to dance, we went out ways.
The thing I liked the most? She had no ulterior motive. I think she wanted to help me, because thats what you should do. She asked for nothing. She almost left without us at least exchanging emails. She had no desire to practice English, she just wanted to help. It was nice.

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