Monday, July 03, 2006

Turning up to Hualian

This update (again, two entries), is being done outside of a liquor store on the sidewalk. I decided to walk around my cheap hotel, assuming the expensive hotel next-door had wireless. It did, but I could not get online. I am literally in the middle of the sidewalk, so I should go. I really sensed this hotspot, I am getting good. I asked the bar nearby and the liquor store, its not theirs, so who knows where it is coming from.

Green island very much lived up to its name, both there and back I may have been completely green. As per usual, I enlisted the kindness of strangers before I came back, someone gave me nausea medicine hearing my tale of ill on the way to the island. This was a massive relief, rather than constantly wanting to vomit I constantly wondered if I might vomit. The later, I assure you, is preferable.
Getting off the boat onto solid land has been a rough process. I almost took a taxi driver's head off. They were all yelling bad English to me, which I was not an especially big fan of, being that my head was still rotating on a two foot access around my neck. I told them "don't yell at me," and kept walking.
I was offered food by someone yelling at me, so I went across the street to his competitor, and was greeted by a polite Chinese "One person?" which was an incredible relief.
I need to sober up a bit, I am tired after a long day, but have to hit a train to Hualian. There I am planning on going way slower, whatever I do, I want to take my time. However being what I will probably do is "the gorge" I am not sure how much of an opportunity I will get. Speaking of which, I am going to go read what the heck the gorge is.

PTI: You can easily freak out Taiwanese people by staring at them and typing in English. Kids love to watch me, I just watch them watching me while clacking away.

PTI: I am in the Taidong train station and found a wireless network, but can't get really on it. This is an interesting caveat on the whole wireless discussion I have going, places with it but its not really usable. For instance, I won't pay for wireless as a rule on this trip, so there should be countless places like that. I think the brief connection that wafted in at the wharf was such a connection, but for some reason gave me a connection (a Mac issue?). This connection's problem seems to be that they have security to charge people, but they set it up poorly.

One more thing to note, I really am sorry about the problems that will be in all of these entries. This is reading for the small group of people that want to hear from me so bad that they can put up with what basically translates as notes. This is very much a journal and I am just whipping things down in free moments, typically during waits or when I just can't take moving.
I also want to add that traveling Taiwan is really great. Sometimes it is not easy, but this place really is beautiful. By and large the people are incredibly helpful and sweet. I remain optimistic for China, but I don't think I will find this sort of genuineness there. I often wonder about where the general niceness of Taiwanese people comes from, I think by and large its economic. They can afford to be nice. They don't have to be constantly on attack or guard, trying to survive and stave off others who plan on attacking. I have been to a range of economies, and there are exceptions, but I can't help but think Taiwan has a big big blessing when it comes to their economy.

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