Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Another day in Shanghai

Shanghai has been weird for me because I really can see living here, long term. I find that weird because again, its like a couple of dates before a long marriage. The fact is that this city is incredibly interesting and filled with potential. There are enough white people that you are not going to get stared at and that there is an economy of good foreign food and bars. At the same time, you don't have to deal with a constant bombardment of American culture that sometimes gets me down (I really like mixing it up here).

PTI: When I said I was glad I did not have to go to Hooters to find a wireless connection because I did not want to become "that guy," he said "Whatever man, this is China, nothing matters here." He has been here three years.

Man, that was a bad interruption for what I was saying. However, business is booming for these guys and they are drinking it down. I can't blame them, its clear life is good. They are mad American though.
Today I went to the Urban Planning museum. What it has? Its mighty good looking. What it does not have? Virtually any content. They remind me of a bad CX debate case, they lack inherency. Inherency means basically "the problem you have to get around." If this plan is so great, why is it not in effect right now? So they never addressed any of the countless problems facing their happy plans. Who is paying? Who is building? How long will it take realistically? What will the place be like in the interim?
Also they didn't address the one thing I think this city could most use, an improved subway system. The system here has a lot of potential but not much polish. It works from some places, but there are a few obvious lines that they need, and the stations need to be cleaned up and redone. Its like a Tokyo in the making.
Afterwards I had dinner with Alice, where we talked a lot. Its clear she has changed. Her goals now revolve around family and traditional values. Before she was ambitious about world travel and business. I think much of this comes from who she is dating, and I am not sure how I feel about that. Its clear he is a needed support for her, but at the same time, I don't like ambition cut down in any manner.
I think I will be here two more days here, I like it here, its relaxing for now. Its been good to me so far. Tomorrow will be Sun Yat-sen's old place. After that, I think I am going to go straight to Xi'an so that I can keep up with this slow pace (rather than going to Shaolin).
Anyway the chill bar I am in is closing up, so I am going to get going.

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