Saturday, August 26, 2006

Apple/New York = way too cool

I am rocking down in New York. The place is great and I am really loving it. The photo is brought to you buy a MacBook down in the very cool Apple Store they opened on 5th avenue. The store is beautiful and the city is great. The specific computer is very cool, I did not know how many changes they had made on the MacBooks (other than the new processor). For one thing, the keyboard is really industrial, they keys are spaced apart and seem very strong and well built. Other than that, the computer is just generally super slick and beautiful (plus black!). Come on NYU Law, get with the MacTels thing so I can come back here.
I understand why they say that New York is the world's biggest little city. Everyone you go the place feels personal. No matter where I am, I get the impression that anywhere else in New York is accessible.
The city has incredible diversity, in the last couple hours alone I have heard Mandarin, Korean, Spanish, Italian, and French (which got added to the list when I just heard someone at the other end of this table speaking French).
New York has everything I love from cities around the world, I really ended up the right place for me.


Juanito said...

I was in Taidong and I needed to get out of the city, so I went on the internet to look for train times. I did a search using the words'Taidong Train' and your website was the third and fourth hit. Werid!

Liting said...

Well Matt, welcome back to the WESTERN WORLD. Your last weeks sounded pretty impressing.
Although being back home is a great feeling, I'm not really enjoying Germany but got to know a lot of interesting people recently. Guess where the person I'm hanging out a lot with at the moment is from? From the Pingdong area - how's that? She's a cool girl.
Keep in touch, please! Kristin *hug*
PS: Sorry this was just a personal message and no judgement on your writing skills! ;)