Friday, August 04, 2006

Leaving Shanghai

I left Shanghai on good terms, very good terms. I am impressed it has kept its reign in my heart as one of the world's great cities (actually the only other city I put on its level is Tokyo, but lets face it, I have not been to that many). They just need to fix that stupid metro, it has so much potential but currently has so many problems. How did Japan do it? Yeah, do that.
I am on a train to Xi'an and I have to type fast because I want my computer to have enough power to watch Syriana (picked up at the first DVD shop in Asia to not yell at me). That said, I have not put much in this journal writing wise, despite a lot of thinking.
Because there is so much I like to Shanghai, I thought more introspectively than other cities. I did not have to find what I liked (ie - tourist destinations), just being there was nice. Old buildings are cool, western buildings in China are cool. These things gave me a lot of joy. Crazy architecture is at least interesting.
I spent my days with another sweet accompaniment, she was a graduate student in logic who spoke in overly proper Mandarin (sometimes lulling me a bit). I spent my evenings with Alice who speaks in a great mix of proper Mandarin, cute Mandarin (no where near the average Taiwanese girl on the average day, but on the way), and my personal favorite English as a second language English amongst my friends (lots of grammatical or syntax errors that seem to convey far more than if properly stated, which my mom would probably argue is where most of my writing worth comes from).
The last day I saw old buildings like crazy. My personal favorite is the Sun Yat-sen house. Sun Yat-sen, in my mind is a troublesome figure for the Chinese government (I think my excellent professor who led my study abroad in China would agree with this and was trying to tell me this before I had even the basic knowledge to know who he was talking about). Sun was a key figure in creating modern China, but he was also the father of the KMT/GMD, the people that would later bring us Taiwan.
Really I doubt Sun Yat-sen would care much for this China, at least in relation to the constitution he created, which currently reigns in Taiwan. Yet China presents him as a hero of modern China, at least from the memorials and heritage sites for him. His house was really well preserved, with lots of stuff, and you could really walk through the house, not just look into certain rooms. Although short and photo less, it was very interesting for me.

PTI: Took a break to watch the movie, and in doing so drained the battery, thus left virtually entertainment less, and half way through a really good movie. However I am now at a bad ass hostel with wireless internet and western toilets (the two things that make a hotel for me).

Today I will see the Terricotta warriors and tomorrow take a tour of the East of this city.


Smiranda said...

Awwwwwww... I want to see the Terracotta warriors!

I like the fact that Emperor Qing made them because he needed an army to protect him in the afterlife from all his enemies he killed in his life. In a funny way, it kind of makes a lot of sense. But then again he took mercury pills thinking it would prolong his life. So I guess it really makes sense.

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