Saturday, August 19, 2006

Mad props to Anamaniacs

This is a pretty bad first post back in the states, but its what you get for now, because I wanted to post it.

I was going to go to bed but first read a quick China blog. The blog entry was about an old Anamaniac's bit where Yakko lists off the countries of the world. Now really he has a few regions in there, and some cities, but it was clear that the point of the song was to point out countries of the world.

I was a huge Anamaniacs fan back in the day. I even remembering watching that very bit when it was first aired (or around that time, surely not on YouTube). I didn't know that they were tackling touchy political situations with guts.

The author, who is normally very good, points out that Tibet, Hong Kong, and Taiwan are apart of China (because no matter how educated, people from the mainland have never given me a deep answer to the Taiwan issue). Agreed with Tibet and Hong Kong, but Taiwan? All I know is that in a year of living in Taiwan I did not deal with the Chinese government once. Furthermore, its hard for me to face that Yakko is the bravest political leader that comes to mind on this issue (surely not the leader of Chad).


~allie said...

*** a part****
:D Go Yakko!

ChinaLawBlog said...

Taiwan is a province, didn't you know? At least that is what you must say while on the Mainland because EVERYONE abides by this viewpoint.

Matthew K Warner said...

If I didn't know, I was surely made aware. My time in China was very good, but I learned fast not to bring up Taiwan. Really it was not their opinion, but the uniformity of that opinion. I got really tired of being told "you are just a western thinker and you could never understand."

Its so eerily true about everyone abiding by that same viewpoint. I talked to such a huge number of people and got the exact same opinion. When I went there initially I was not huge into the Taiwan as a province issue, I left with that constantly on my mind.

Side note to Chinalawblog, I have read your blog for some time now with dedicated regularity. I am actually very honored that you found my blog and commented.

Anonymous said...

*** take "a part" apart, or take apart "a part" *** :D Go Allie! Signed, Anon. Mother