Tuesday, August 29, 2006


The orientation was today, and it was dry and what you would expect. Intellectual chest bumping and generally getting pumped. That is not to degrade the speakers, who were all fine, but it was still just an orientation.

Speaking to the upperclassmen was good, because it was clear that one can still remain a human being during the 1L. They emphasized for me that no one got kicked out. they all seemed to maintain lives outside of the school. Furthermore it seems that truly bad grades are hard to come by here.

I love my dorm, its small but exactly what I need - and it includes a beautiful view of the Empire State Building. I even have a chunk of the Washington Arch in my view. I hung up stuff inside and it is quant and Asian now.

Last night were some of the mixers, I somehow went to the only one where there was no free drinks, but I can survive. The mixer itself was a problem because it was International Law and Asian Law, which are the two groups I want to join. That is convenient, but I wanted to feel out the two groups individual. My preference is on Asian Law, so I did not have much time mingling with International Law students, which I wanted to do.

This was such a dry entry, but it was a dry couple of days. I chatted with the huge Beijing population in the LLM section of this school. I did not bring up Taiwan.

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rockbird said...

Dont talk about Taiwan when you chat with Beijing people.
That is a complicated issue.

I wish I can go to NY city and see those magnificent building.