Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Waiting in Shanghai

I am waiting for my friend Alice at a tea stand outside of her office. I found a nice milk tea (not amazing, but good, the pearls are a bit too chewy). Today has been a great day. The best part of course was Chinesepod. It was actually really creepy for me meeting the Chinesepod staff, it was a little bit like meeting stars simply because I had heard them so much.
The star Jenny, who I thought was beautiful from her photos, turned out to be even more gorgeous and very charming. Furthermore, John, who is one of my favorite features of Chinesepod was very nice and great to talk to. It was all refreshing and they probably ensured my subscription when I get to New York.
I very much did speak some of my Taiwanese, and they are going to put it in an episode. I actually did contact Rebecca, I called her on Skype to make sure I could say correctly my few phrases in Taiwanese that we used. Taiwanese is weird for me, I can recognize it but can't understand it. More to the point, my Taiwanese is the level of most foreigners in China's Mandarin, and I think that is just plain sad.
After that, I went to the French Quarter for some Fish and Chips. I am loving the availability of Western Food here (before you start knocking me, remember I have been eating Chinese food for a steady year here). I ran into a cool girl who went with me to their art museum.
The art museum was weird because one of the main exhibits were from Houston artists. Clearly Houston has some kind of hippie community stashed in there, because these paintings were not exactly that umm...positive towards America. Some were interesting, some were not.
There was a little documentary on a prison rodeo in Texas. I was proud I could explain even a small portion of that to my friend in Chinese. However words like rodeo were not exactly easy (I said things like "cowboy thing" I should have said "cowboy competition").
Tonight I am not sure what I will do with Alice, but this place is clearly out to make me continue love Shanghai. So far between the revolving sushi and the art museum, they are determined to make me keep liking Shanghai. When I move here I hope that this great view I have of the city does not come crashing down on me (which I actually thought it would this trip.

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Anonymous said...

Well, what about how the Shanghainese just finished killing 50,000 dogs because 3 people died from rabies? And the manner in which it was done...
Anonymous mom