Sunday, November 05, 2006

Crossed eyes

I just wanted to share a devastating fact.

I cannot become a NY subway train driver. Not as in, the qualifications would crush me. Not as in, "oh no you can't/didn't," "oh yes I can/did." Rather, I am biologically destined to never being a NY train driver.

I was devastated. So not only does my eye haunt my vanity from a dark corner of my mind, but my job options are closing down left and right (I can't be a rocket ship pilot either!).

The funny part was when they listed things that stereopsis plays a role in, "such as, catching a ball, parking a car, threading a needle, performing surgery, or any other activity that requires accurate depth perception at close distances." Outside of the surgery one (which I won't do for countless reasons), It was like a list of things that I am not especially good at.

I actually catch balls by just putting my hands in front of their path, which is fine with basketball but sucks with footballs (its hard to explain, but a football is harder to catch straight on than a basketball).

One more thing with the article, it says that you will have trouble becoming an NBA point guard without stereopsis. Arguably my favorite player (and starting on my fantasy team), all-start shooting guard Tracy McGrady has an eye that might be even more walled out than my own. The thing that I like best is that he shoots lights out from the wings, which has the least amount of visual cues for "faking it." There was a time, inspired by his shooting, where that was my best shot.

But no subway driving... man, things are looking down.

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VelVerb said...

And I can't be a jet pilot. Nothing like knowing some things are closed to you for reasons having nothing to do with anything you can control.