Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Its bedlam downstairs.

New York goes big for Halloween, and I think the epicenter is one block West of here. I wish Google Earth was live updated...Well, that or I don't....

The racing motorcycle club seems to have chosen my dorm as the place to meet. I just now looked down from my window and saw about fourteen brand new motorcycles, a brand new Infinity, a stretch limo, and two brand new Mercedes.

Where did they get the money?

I like living in the epicenter. I can't appreciate it too much right now in law school, but I will. I am here two more years, and I will see how things are next year.

This is the deal, I am going to work like crazy this semester. If I get good grades, I will keep it up. If I get average grades, I won't. Average grades still get you the world out of here. Bad grades are hard to come by. If my rose colored glasses and dreams of grandeur fail, I will focus on my professional life outside of law school. If I can hang - I will try to stay there and keep building my record.

I have friends who study constantly, and friends far, far less. I am much closer to the constantly right now. And we will see if that matters.

For now, its time to go to bed over bedlam.


Anonymous said...

hi how are you good work

Smiranda said...

Yay! Post! Do more! Halloween was pretty fun in New Orleans too, though not nearly as crazy as Mardi Gras or Southern Decadence. I dressed up as a belly dancer today and gave candy to children who came by. No trick or treaters tonight though. Ramble ramble ramble.