Monday, June 04, 2007

Old photos

There is a lot I miss about Taiwan. Flipping through old photos, it was weird to relive frustrations and recall people. When you take a thousand photos a second, going through them can be a very odd experience. Reliving whole days in minutes.

Some of the people don't seem far at all, this was of course only a year ago. However, my life is so different. I still make the trivial into huge problems. I still worry about the daily drama and the daily annoyances.

I would probably not move back to Taiwan, but the thought crosses my mind. The whole idea of living in Asia is weird. I like the challenge. I like the language. I like the foreignness, but there are so many things to not like.

This entry is more to put something on the blog to inspire to put up more. For those who complain about the lack of new entries, there are probably only two people on this planet who have read the entire series of articles from China. This is not a recommendation to do so, I am just saying, this site is not lacking in material.

I will try to put up more, more about my new life here in this summer and, mercifully, post 1L. I live in Bed Stuy, I live with my girlfriend, we buy furniture, I like my job, and I don't especially want my grades. This life has been good. My life in Taiwan was good. They just seem so different.

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Jenn Less said...

Freaking Finally... and yes, I did read all of the Asia series!